What I Learnt Climbing Snowdon

Planning a trip to the top? Here are a few things I wish I’d known.

#1 Do not go to Snowdonia on a bank holiday. Just don’t. It becomes a school trip-like experience where you’re shuffled between groups of people and drag your feet behind slow walkers. Unless you wake up at dawn and run up and down the mountain, you will be stuck in queues, with no space to park the car, with people’s backs to look at instead of the incredible views.

#2 It’s a long walk – prepare. Take lots of water and snacks since, back to the first point, there’s only one restaurant at the top and the queues for food can be long if it happens to be a popular day for Snowdon. And picnic is more fun with views like this:

#3 Snowdon isn’t a massive mountain (1,085m/3,560 ft) so the difference in temperature isn’t extremely drastic, but the weather is changeable so prepare for the heat, wind, cold and sun. And rain, obviously.

#4 There isn’t much wildlife to see (not with thousands of people walking up and down all the time), but there are the occasional goats peeking through:

#5 Choose your path wisely. There’re a few routes to climb Snowdon. We picked the Miners’ Track up and Pyg Track down. For a more challenging hike, Watkin path is said to be the most demanding one.

Finally, I learnt mountains are addictive and I cannot wait to go back. Just not on a bank holiday.

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